Tawfik Sefrioui, M.D.
BodyTech Casablanca, Morocco

“Compared to the common FUE procedure, with the SmartGraft system, the hair grafts are more precisely and gently extracted, counted, and placed into an environmentally controlled holding canister until implantation. The machine is automatically counting, storing, and moistening the hair grafts which helps to reduce the procedure time by one-third. We have found that implanting hair grafts more quickly increases their success rate, so we can achieve natural and permanent results which is what patients are asking for. The recovery is faster with reduced post-procedure pain, and there is a guaranteed higher quality of grafts with this closed system and minimally invasive procedure.

By offering this cutting edge technology in our clinic, we have been able to elevate our SmartGraft Hair Restoration Center to be a destination for patients seeking the top providers for advanced hair loss techniques from all over the world.”