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Hair loss can be extremely difficult for both men and women to manage. It can affect one’s self-confidence, especially when hair loss is experienced at a young age. Fortunately, there are precise hair transplant techniques such as Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) that offer highly effective solution for people dealing with hair loss. In addition, within FUE hair transplants there are various techniques and methods. 


Follicular Unit Extraction


There are several hair restoration and hair replacement solutions that have been available for some time. Although recovery can be painful and slow, the strip method or follicular unit transplantation (FUT) has been used for many years, and in some cases it is still used. In addition to visible scars from the transplantation incision, FUT has a higher risk of infection. FUE provides a less invasive and highly effective solution for hair transplantation for many patients. As hair transplant techniques have improved, so has patient experience.


How FUE Hair Transplant Technology Works


FUE’s highly popular technique is performed by using a small round punch to extract follicular hair units one at a time. The hair is taken from an area of the head that is resistant to baldness, usually the back and sides of the scalp. The extremely small wound left by the hair follicle extraction heals within a few days and is usually undetectable, even in areas where the hair has been cut shorter in order to perform the extraction. The extracted hairs are grouped in follicular unit grafts and then transplanted into the area experiencing hair loss. The hairs are placed into recipient sites, balding or thinning hair areas of the scalp, using expert precision. It is important to choose a highly skilled physician in order to ensure a successful hair transplant.


Why SmartGraft is a Great Choice for Patients When Deciding on a Hair Transplant


SmartGraft provides patients with a safe, minimally invasive hair restoration procedure, SmartGraft gives people with baldness or thinning hair natural looking results in about 9 months. Real, thriving new hair is a crucial component when choosing an FUE technique, which is why physicians choose to use SmartGraft. Design and technique are important so that new growth integrates with any existing hair to remain undetectable. SmartGraft FUE offers these benefits:


  • Minimally invasive: SmartGraft is not only nearly free of any discomfort, but the procedure does not disrupt your everyday life in any way.
  • Expert harvesting: SmartGraft’s expert harvesting technique allows for faster procedures and less time at the physician’s office
  • For all hair types: SmartGraft can be used for both men and women, in addition to all hair types.
  • More transplant options: SmartGraft can solve hair loss in other areas besides the scalp, including body, facial and eyebrow hair.


SmartGraft can help physicians provide astounding results to people struggling to manage hair loss or thinning hair with permanent, natural results. Consult one of our hair transplant physicians today to learn more about how SmartGraft can change your hair and your life.

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