Richard Giannotto, M.D.
Giannotto Clinic McLean, VA

“There are a number of these power units (FUE) out. SmartGraft is one of them. It’s the latest one out of the gate. Before SmartGraft there was NeoGraft. There are other automated units which do not extract grafts like NeoGraft and SmartGraft does. SmartGraft feels good in my hand. I know I’m getting good grafts. I know I’m extracting beautiful grafts and I know I’m not transecting grafts. With NeoGraft I can’t tell. NeoGraft I must stop the procedure every 50 or hundred grafts or so to irrigate, examine the grafts. I am more confident with SmartGraft that I don’t have to do that. I stop SmartGraft every 5 to 6 hundred grafts and examine the grafts, and they are all beautiful grafts. This translates into quicker recovery for the patient, less pain for the patient, more comfort for the patient, and a better yield.”