Jonathan Pontell, M.D., F.A.C.S.
Wayne, PA

“I’m Dr. Jonathan Pontell and I am a Facial Plastic Surgeon from Wayne, Pennsylvania, which is in the heart of the Mainline suburbs of Philadelphia. I would like to talk to you about SmartGraft Hair Transplantation device. SmartGraft is the newest, and in my opinion, the best device for hair transplantation.

SmartGraft allows us to remove individual hair follicles from behind the scalp which are genetically programmed to never fall out and move them to the front or the top of the scalp wherever the hair loss has occurred.

The older techniques, which many doctors still use, require a large incision behind the scalp which can be painful and obvious. SmartGraft avoids those issues. The results are incredibly natural and the patient satisfaction has been very high. It has been a great addition to my practice.”