Jennifer L. Walden, M.D.
PLLC Walden Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center Austin, TX

“I have found that adding the SmartGraft device technology and procedure to my practice has been beneficial. As a solo practitioner and plastic surgeon, it is a nice complement to some of the procedures I perform and noninvasive technology we have in my MedSpa. Best of all, it works and is a very definitive and effective technology for hair restoration for both men and women.

We purchased the SmartGraft system in the spring of 2016. I have found it to be superior to other systems in the way that it protects the extracted follicles by cooling and moistening while waiting to implant the grafts. Our patient satisfaction with SmartGraft has been amazing. We are getting great results and they have a great team. The SmartGraft team is very supportive with the process of onboarding staff and helping to establish and market the procedure in your practice.

This is really a life-changing procedure in a relatively short number of hours, given the years of embarrassment and angst many men and women go through after losing their hair, so the rewards are high. My practice is mainly men, so it’s nice to see some men as well coming through the office seeking cosmetic procedures. Brow transplants and restoration of the anterior hairline are issues that affect women and they are seeking SmartGraft in my practice as a solution. Thick, dark brows is certainly trending right now for women, so we have seen an uptick of not only older women in their 60s and 70s asking for brow hair transplants, but also women who are younger with blonder hair or thinning brows from over plucking when that was all the rage. We are now able to help women and men of all ages as the SmartGraft procedure is versatile and can address a variety of hair loss conditions.”