Hayes Gladstone, M.D.
Gladstone Clinic San Ramon, CA

“I have been doing hair restoration since 1999, I started using the strip technique, which is an excellent technique, but at this point I transitioned over to using SmartGraft technology which is automated follicular unit extraction. There are many advantages, one them is with follicular unit extraction, it means we are taking out the follicle in smaller amounts of hair, and we are able to take it out more precisely with this automated technology, the SmartGraft. And then also, we are able to implant it more precisely and give a more natural look.

The hair is extremely important as everyone knows throughout history. It really frames your face. It is what people see. And having a full head of hair also just communicates robustness and youthfulnesses so it is important to many people. I get great joy from doing hair restoration, particularly using SmartGraft. Again, because there is no linear scar, people can wear their hair short. There is usually faster recovery time with SmartGraft and just more natural results, which is what we want. So it is just a great procedure. People, especially with SmartGraft, are able to go back to work in a couple of days.

This is a great investment for the rest of your life, and that why it’s a very satisfying procedure. So the hair stays in here (pointing to top of head), and then we do it in a certain random way with the SmartGraft. That again you can wear your hair very short and people won’t know you’ve had a hair transplant.”