Ganesh Krishnan, M.D.
Ziering Medical, United Kingdom London, England

“As a practicing hair restoration surgeon with nine years of experience with Ziering Medical UK, my services include performing physician led FUT and FUE procedures. Recent shifts in demand and approaches towards FUE has created an explosion in the number of devices which assist in performing these procedures.

I owe the significant improvement in my previous preferred method of treatment to the introduction of the SmartGraft automated FUE system. First and foremost, the incisions are relatively superficial. Compared to other FUE punch methods, the SmartGraft reduces the scarring and damage to the adjacent follicles, yielding more grafts in future harvests. Secondly, the grafts, once harvested, are not handled by anyone, reducing the trauma to the individual grafts. These grafts are then sucked into a cooling compartment with a storage solution that reduces dehydration to the grafts and ensures the grafts’ survival. The compartment and storage solution method is much better than any other FUE technique I have encountered. The SmartGraft also has settings which counts the incisions, adjustable temperature settings, and rotating speed, which helps logistically. Finally, the fatigue of the surgeon is reduced, as is the number of assistants needed during the harvest. This increased focus from the surgeon and assistants during the placement of the grafts is beneficial for the patient and improves the success rate of the procedure.

The SmartGraft is a great tool to have in our practice and provides our patients the best outcome possible in their hair restoration needs.”