Craig L. Ziering, M.D.
Ziering Medical Beverly Hills, CA

“I really enjoy the SmartGraft and the innovation of the system. SmartGraft has several advantages for the patient over other FUE devices. One of those is the fact that we are able to excise the graft by going very superficial into the skin. That leads to quicker healing and more rapid healing is generally less pain, faster recovery, happy patient. The second thing is their suction with this device. And the suction enables the graft to be vacuumed out into a canister that is filled with a holding solution that keeps it moist and wet which is really important and there’s no other device that does that. The other thing is because of the suction there is less chance of cutting the bulb which is the life source of the hair graft. So the two things that are damaging the graft the most are drying them out and crush injury. The SmartGraft avoids both of these”

The physician also has several benefits by using the SmartGraft. First of all, anytime you have something that is better for the patient, it’s better for you as the doctor. Anything that is going to make the result better, makes the patient happy, makes you happy as the doctor. But also in addition to that, it is a smart system in the sense that on the touch screen you can make adjustments to the parameters. You can set the temperature that you want, the revolutions per minute, it actually counts the number of recipient harvests that you make. This just gives you a couple of the advantages the SmartGraft has over other FUE devices.”

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