Castel Santana, M.D.
MorFit Medical Edmond, OK

“At MorFit we combine the newest state of the art SmartGraft FUE micro transplant techniques along with a full, in-depth evaluation of the unique causes and prevention of hair loss.

The SmartGraft Technology – it is the newest in hair restoration FUE technology. The big difference also with the SmartGraft technology is how these follicles are kept. So anytime you take out a follicle or anything from your body it’s got a certain amount of time to stay viable and this new technology keeps those follicles viable. It’s kept in a very cold environment and also hydrated environment. So those follicles, once they are retransplanted in, you have high success rate of holding on to those because they are kept that way. So that’s the SmartGraft technology.”