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Published by SmartGraft on July 22, 2021


A recent Global Wellness Institute blog noted an explosion of aesthetic treatments and cosmetic procedures as a result of the growing shift in digital communication habits. Referred to as the “Zoom Boom,” surgeons have witnessed “an influx in these procedures as online conversations have forced us to see ourselves from a new, unforgiving perspective: Zoom and other similar tools cause dysmorphia, and seeing our faces on screen has exposed asymmetries, folds and other “defects.”

With some reports projecting that the hair transplant market forecast is expected to reach US 27.9 Billion Dollar Industry by 2027 from US $6 Billion in 2020, it is no wonder that other companies are monopolizing on the digital revolution and paying influencers to expand their brand recognition. While these influencers do, in fact, drive the conversation, it is important now more than ever for patients to be educated and informed in their options for their hair loss and not swayed by the endorsements of a paid influencer or physician who has been compensated for their testimonial. It is equally important that physicians provide accurate, authentic examples of the results they have achieved with their patient’s hair loss programs.

SmartGraft by Vision Medical, Inc. regularly supports our SmartGraft Centers of Excellence through continued cross promotion across its social media channels. These cross-promotion opportunities provide a greater exposure of our partnering practices and provide key educational and firsthand testimonials from real patients, providing hope to hair loss suffers seeking safer solutions to address their own hair loss. Testimonials and endorsements of SmartGraft are voluntarily provided and not paid. We strongly believe that reviews are most valuable when they are honest and unbiased and, as such, the information presented reflects real life experiences of those who have used our products or services. It is for this reason that SmartGraft testimonials are heartfelt and provided with the intent to help ensure that the hair restoration industry remains safe and that patients are provided accurate information to ultimately make a decision that is best for their surgical and non-surgical needs. Our “influencers” include physicians and patients with no special interests, who voluntarily provide their honest opinions and results.

Cheryl Cox, Executive Vice President of Vision Medical, Inc. notes that “when speaking with doctors about their peers who have embraced our technology, SmartGraft takes great pride in referring others to patients and doctors who have no special interests with our company. In my view, it adds credibility to their testimony. In a pay for play world, we can honestly say that our results speak for themselves. In my opinion this authenticity speaks volumes.” As the digital world and our means for communications continues to grow online, it is imperative for patients and physicians to peel back the layers and research and educate themselves on best methods and practices to avoid being falsely influenced by the neon lights. The truth is out there, and consumers must do their homework when considering hair restoration.

SmartGraft Physicians are passionate about hair restoration and recognize Vision Medical’s unique approach as the Smart Choice for their practice hair loss needs. Our partnering SmartGraft physicians genuinely believe in our mission and use their success to encourage their peers to invest in our successful model. We are honored to have the genuine support of leaders in the industry who recognize the dedication and commitment of SmartGraft by Vision Medical, Inc. and its corporate team for their excellence in customer support, patient focus, and platform for educational awareness.

SmartGraft by Vision Medical, Inc. is proud to offer an award winning automated FUE Technology, built by physicians and for physicians, that is recognized by hair loss experts around the globe as the gold standard in hair restoration. Together with its sister company, Smart Solutions RX, which manufactures LOCKrx, a drug-free hair support program, their global approach to hair loss provides the most comprehensive offering for hair loss on the market. Through hard work, research, and a Corporate Team dedicated to the success of its physicians, Vision Medical, Inc. has developed a technology and hair support program that protects the patient’s hair grafts and continues to protect their investment to yield permanent results, while maintaining a transparent and authentic business model. Visit to speak with a SmartGraft Physician and be educated on the best course of action. Regain your confidence and your crowning glory.