SmartGraft/Smart Solutions and Better Breakfast Month.

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Published by SmartGraft on September 3, 2020


In this fast paced world, eating a nutritious breakfast is sometimes the last thing on our mind as we race out the door toward our obligations. In fact, a survey poll in 2019 revealed that the average American only eats breakfast three times per week. 13% of respondents in the same survey revealed they don’t eat breakfast at all. As your body sleeps, it repairs and rebuilds, using up many of your energy stores. A healthy breakfast after a long period of fasting overnight can help raise your energy and focus and help to protect your hair as well. If you’re noticing your hair thinning or not growing, you may want to think twice about skipping the most important meal of your day. In honor of Better Breakfast Month, a month which promotes the adoption of healthy eating habits, we are dishing our favorite hair healthy breakfast items.

Eggs: Eggs offer a range of health benefits that also help to stimulate hair growth. They are rich in protein and biotin, helping to protect the hair from drying. Research shows that a biotin rich diet can help with biotin deficiency. Eggs are also rich in selenium and healthy hair nutrients, like zinc. Try it on some avocado toast for added hair health benefits!

Avocado: Avocado is packed with Vitamin B and E, which helps to improve blood circulation and work at the cellular level to help the hair follicles grow more efficiently. While Vitamin E works to help repair damage to the scalp, Vitamin B is essential for the growth of hair. Avocados contain healthy monosaturated fatty acids that help to protect and nourish the hair, stimulate growth, and unclog blogged follicles.

Brazil Nuts: On the go and not enough time to prepare your morning meal? Grab a handful of brazil nuts on your way out the door. Brazil nuts are rich in selenium, a powerful antioxidant that helps to keep your cells healthy, including your scalp and key in the production of thyroid hormones, which help to regulate hair growth. It is recommended you get 400 micrograms of selenium in your diet each day. Just one Brazil nut contains 68-91 mcgs. Just 4-5 nuts per day could help to protect your hair!

Oranges. Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, in oranges and orange juice contain antioxidants. Vitamin C plays a role in the absorption of iron. While Vitamin C deficiencies are typically associated with body hair loss, a nice tall glass of orange juice, or a quick orange on the go can help your body to better absorb iron.

Cereal: Many whole-grain cereals on the market are fortified with extra iron. Iron is a key mineral that promotes a healthy blood supply. Iron helps to supply oxygen to the hair follicles and low Iron levels have been linked to hair loss.  Be careful to stick to just one serving and not over indulge, however, as cereal can increase hair stressing androgen levels

Spinach: Finally, we introduce spinach. Loaded with beneficial hair nutrients, from Vitamin A to Iron, spinach will do more than give you Popeye like muscles–It also will help to grow your hair! Throw it in a smoothie, or cook up a delicious frittata! Your body and your hair will thank you!

Hair restoration surgery with the SmartGraft is often the last resort after years of frustrations. After surgery and leading up to a procedure, a balanced healthy diet will help to maintain your hair investment as will investing in hair healthy supplements that help to address hair loss from the inside out. In your rush to get back to your everyday normal, don’t skip out on the most important meal of the day—your hair will thank you!