Vision Medical, Inc.

46 Regency Plaza

Glen Mills, PA 19342

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What is your Specialty?
DermatologyCosmetic DermatologyPlastic SurgeryFacial Plastics




Have your patients ever asked you or your staff about hair restoration procedures?
Yes, quite a bitYes, from time to timeNo, not really


What percentage of your patient base is male?
Less than 25 percentBetween 26 percent and 49 percentBetween 50 percent and 74 percentMore than 75 percent


What would you like to change about your hair restoration offerings?
I’d like to add hair restoration to my practice as an additional revenue streamI currently offer the strip method but I’d like to begin offering advanced FUE proceduresI already offer FUE but I’d like to find ways to decrease procedure time while improving outcomesI'm not ready to add hair restoration now


How can we help you best? (Check all that apply.)
I’d like to learn more about SmartGraft. Please call my office to schedule a presentation.I’d like to see SmartGraft at a tradeshow. Contact me with upcoming events.Nothing at this time, but please keep me informed of SmartGraft news.


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