Vivek Bansal, M.D.
EliteMD Danville, CA

“We have patients coming from six continents, 23 countries, and 46 states in eight years to our three offices. SmartGraft has not only helped as an educational tool for patients, but it has also allowed us to recruit top physicians to work with us due to the cutting-edge technology we offer, including plastic surgeon Malcolm Lesavoy who flies in from Beverly Hills every other week and Robert Koch, who was formerly the Director of Facial Plastic Surgery at Stanford University.

We charge a premium price for SmartGraft due to the high level of education we give our patients. It has been a valuable tool that separates us from the competition. We also like working with ethical vendors and we have found that with the SmartGraft team. EliteMD touts the greatest volume of SmartGraft cases in the country at over 30,000 grafts per month. For women who have long hair, it is easy for them to camouflage the area that is shaved. We also work with a hairstylist a few blocks away who can help them style the hair so it is not noticeable during the healing process.

We have definitely seen a growth in our patient base who are interested in hair loss and treatments. This has allowed us to be a full-service hair restoration practice offering

a variety of options including medical therapy, hair care, nutraceuticals and surgical options. It helps the value of our practice. We have found the superior results from the SmartGraft procedure has increased the referrals we receive from our existing patient’s friends and family.”