BHR Hair Transplant Academy

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Published by SmartGraft on March 2, 2023


SmartGraft is a selected technology contributor supporting the BHR Hair Transplant Academy Training Course in Athens, a 3-day TRAINING COURSE fully designed and directed by Dr. Christian Bisanga, world renowned Hair Transplant Surgeon. Dr. Bisanga has been practicing in the field of hair transplantation for more than 20 years. He is the Former President of FUE Europe Society, and he has trained many hair transplant surgeons around the globe. In June 2023 Dr.Bisanga, for the first time, will organize a course fully designed and directed by him as well as the hair transplant surgeons who have partnered with him in BHR clinics. The entire curriculum of the course is designed based on doctors’ requests about what they need to know according to their level of experience. Offering at the same time the opportunity to learn from Dr Bisanga’s valuable lifelong experience. The course will last three days, covering all topics of FUE procedure that a doctor needs to know in order to perform surgery successfully and safely.