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Published by SmartGraft on March 11, 2021


SmartGraft by Vision Medical, Inc shared intellectual space with the most distinguished surgeons, professors, and research scientists working the field of hair restoration at the Global Hair Loss Summit 2020. The GHLS 2020 has been recognized globally as the largest online hair restoration conference in the world. Collaborating, communicating findings, and discussing technical and scientific revelations, the GHLS was held virtually, with practitioners joining from 12 countries. Pioneered by founder of the IAHRS, Spencer Kobren, the GHLS 2020 ushered in a new normal for virtual education platforms. In a hair industry so desperate for change, SmartGraft by Vision Medical, the Select Technology in Automated FUE at the GHLS2020, was recognized by industry leaders as FUE hair restoration companies doing things right. Among best in class for surgical hair restoration and hair transplantation, the goal of the GHLS was for physicians to share their wealth of experience in order to promote an ethical and patient focused approach in the hair transplant industry. Esteemed SmartGraft physicians in attendance included GHLS Faculty members Dr. Alan Bauman, Dr. Christian Bisanga. Dr. Glenn Charles, Dr. Daniel Danyo, Dr. Evengi Sharkov and Dr. Craig Ziering.

Offering solutions from supplements to surgery, SmartGraft by Vision Medical, Inc. committed to education and patient safety, is proud of our global approach to hair loss, providing physicians a platform to establish an informed, supportive, and engaging relationship with their patients. Chrissy Scivicque once wrote that “Nothing helps deepen knowledge as effectively as sharing it.” SmartGraft is honored to be among the best in class, advancing the art and science of hair restoration through technology, continued education, and research.